FaceDub Elite

FaceDub Elite 2.3

FaceDub is the definitive headswapping and blending tool that...

FaceDub is the definitive headswapping and blending tool that brings fun to your photos. FaceDub makes bodyswaps fast and easy without all of the drudgery of digging through repetative tasks in other photo editors.

FaceDub also allows you to upload to FaceDub. com, the premier headswapping sharing site, where you can organize your Dubs and use anywhere. FaceDub is perfect for whatever you do on the internet including MySpace, blogs, ecards, message boards, slideshows, layouts and instant messaging.

FaceDub includes Real Skin Blending, Erase/Paint Magic and PhotoSmarts to make really great headswapped photos. You've seen headswaps all over the net, they're usually hilarious and eye-catching, that's why FaceDub is the must-have tool for the web.

You never know when you'll be using it next. FaceDub allows you to email, print, save, share, make MySpace code, upload to your cell phone and you can even make your own FaceDub gear (like a t-shirt or photo mug).

There truly is nothing else quite like this suprisingly powerful application. It was designed from the ground up with ease of use and the internet in mind.